Ribbons of Metal

A Fresh, Artful, Looped Point of View

Today Bernhardt introduces a number of pieces formed in ribbons of metal. The ribbon motif is interpreted in diverse forms: mobius strips, tendrils, circular loops, straps, bindings, flat twists, meshes, and grid weaves.

“Like a simple black ribbon at the neck, it takes just one small accent piece with metal ribbon to bring charm to a room,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development.

Featured Pieces:
Vignette ~ 

Maribel Drinks Table 372-209. Mobius strips. 
A sweet little side table with infinity loops of metal. Handmade in iron with a textured silver leaf finish. Inset white marble top. Dia17-1/16 H24-3/16 in.

Silos ~

Bonita Cocktail Table 468-015/015GDETAIL. Handmade by our 82 year-old Italian artisan. Looped tendrils of hand-hammered solid steel in an aged volterra finish. Inset tempered glass top with a beveled edge. Dia47-1/4 H18-5/8 in.

Candide Round Cocktail Table 372-015 – DETAIL. Flat circle loops. Irregular round flat stainless steel loops form the see-through base.  Tempered glass top. Dia40 H18-1/4 in.

Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Spring 2017.