Furniture as Art Form: Originality & Artisanal Workmanship

Today, Bernhardt introduces a number of leading-edge pieces that—by nature of their individually handwork processes and organic applied materials—are truly one-of-a-kinds, elevating furniture to the status of art form.

These pieces are part of an overarching new approach in home design and decor that upholds many modernist ideals: home as the focus of design reform, artistic originality, the aesthetic of artisanal workmanship, emphasis on process and truth to materials.

“All around, we’re feeling movement toward a more experiential, original and artistic aesthetic in design—we call it the new modernism,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “We want to lead in designing the look of this new era. As part of that intention, we’re introducing a number of original handworked pieces that will be one-of-a-kind art works and conversation-starters in people’s homes.”

Featured Pieces:
Vignette 1 ~

Barcelona Sideboard 366-133.
Inspiration + technical skill. 
A wholly unique modern art piece. Hand-carved in reclaimed teak.  Then, hand-clad, in minute relief, in German Silver.
W 72 x D 18 x H 34 in.
[German silver is a silver-white alloy of nickel, copper and zinc that contains no silver. It takes a high polish and is extremely hard and abrasion-resistant. German silver has been used in architectural structures and decorative elements for more than 2000 years and has many of the same characteristics as brass and bronze. We add a protective topcoat to prevent oxidation].

Hadera Accent Table 366-101.
Elan vitale—life force. White alabaster marble top with hand-chipped edge. Hand-hammered metal base in a Matte Silver finish.
Dia. 18 x H 24 in.

Elka Chair N4902.
From the Interiors permanent collection, shown in a new overwoven optical illusion plaid fabric.

Vignette 2 ~
Espinoza Sideboard 366-860.
True goatskin parchment. The exterior of this sideboard is hand-wrapped in true goatskin parchment. With natural variations in both the parchment and the hand-application, each piece will be unique. The cabinet’s interior is finished in light gray lacquer. Polished stainless steel plinth base.
W 78 x D 20 x H 36 in.

Cohen Chair N1703L.
The essential character of shape. A sweeping geometric form in highly-textured bronzed metal. Shown in a warm black leather.
W 28 x D 35 x H 32-1/2 in.
Available in fabric, leather, and COM.

Aubrey Round Chairside Table 344-126.
From the Interiors permanent collection. 

Silos ~

Andorra Console Table 366-915.
A reductive and powerful modern art piece. The undulating front surface of the wood undercase is hand-carved. Then, the entire case and tapered legs are hand-clad in German silver, fold by fold, seam by seam. Each piece will be slightly different. This is a closed console, no interior.
W 76 x D 15 x H 30 in.

Ward Arm Chair N1322.
Modernist architecture. Stainless steel and exposed wood frame. Biscuit tufted seat and back. Shown in a silky woven of titanium coloration.
W 28 x D 35 x H 32-1/2 in.
Available in fabric, leather, and COM

Espinoza Room Screen 366-813.
Edgy + organic. The front of this wood room screen is hand-wrapped in true goatskin parchment. Each piece will be unique. The back is covered in a dark gray leather with shagreen embossing.
W 66-3/8 x D 1-1/4 x H 84 in.

Essen Cocktail Table 366-008.
Like a silver jewelry box. This artistically progressive table is completely hand-clad in German silver. Silky smooth top. Base of graduated moldings, several with intricate decorative patterns.
W 44 x D 44 x H 18 in.

Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Spring 2016.