Historic Mashup

Young Happening Furniture Has Some Fun with 18thC

There’s little in the decorative arts more pleasing to the human eye than the drawings of Thomas Sheraton, icon of 18th century neoclassic style. But that was 200+ years ago—right?

Au contraire. This season, Bernhardt turns some of the most gentle and lyrical lines in all of furniture design history on their ear. The brand reimagines Georgian tripod bases, Jacobean tracery, bowfronts, tassels and the like in materials as clean, bright and casual as couture athleisure wear.

In the Domaine Blanc collection, a relaxed sandblasted and sometimes reeded white oak, in a translucent dove white finish, combines with white quartz stone and silvery tarnished nickel metal. The tarnished nickel reverberates with a deep glow achieved by the layering of mixed metals (stainless steel, plated brass, plated nickel) and complicated finishing processes.

“These unique looks were clearly designed with joy and a sense of imagination,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “Concepts began with taking a fresh look at the mastery of Thomas Sheraton, then setting those classical lines free in fabrication. We think anyone who appreciates traditional elegance and modern freshness will enjoy living with these pieces.”

Featured Pieces:
Vignette 1 ~ 

Domaine Blanc Metal Canopy Bed 374-H59/F59/R59.
Laser cut Jacobean tracery. Frame and large scale tracery pattern on the headboard are tarnished nickel metal. Upholstered headboard, footboard and side rails shown in a soft blue plain woven; available in other fabrics and COM.
W 81-3/8 x D 86-1/8 x H 90-3/8 in.

Domaine Blanc Bench 374-508.
As simple as your favorite designer tee. White oak wood frame in a dove white finish. Upholstered in a soft blue plain woven; available in other fabrics and COM.
W 60-3/4 x D 18-1/8 x H 25-1/2 in.

Silos ~ 

Domaine Blanc Round Dining Table 374-273/274.
Classics redux. Top of quartered white oak, top surface veneers laid in a radiating pie pattern. Classic footed tripod base (with four legs actually) includes a wood center column and tarnished nickel metal plated leg/foot.
Dia. 60 x H 30 in.

Domaine Blanc Sideboard 374-131.
If Thomas Sheraton + Alexander Wang had a baby, it might look like this. Quartered white oak, deeply sandblasted and smoothed, in a dove white finish. Custom round pulls of inset white quartz stone. Tarnished nickel metal ferrule on the foot.
W 70-1/4 x D 19-3/4 x H 38 in.

Domaine Blanc Drawer Chest 374-229DETAIL. 
Custom pulls are 4-prong metal settings with white quartz cabochons. Flatcut sandblasted and smoothed white oak, with a translucent dove white finish. Tarnished nickel vertical banding and foot ferrule.
W 34-1/4 x D 18-1/8 x H 29-3/4 in.

Domaine Blanc Desk 374-510.
Like a soft pleated top over a metallic booted leg—a fresh hybrid. Desk cabinetry of split-heart white oak with a dove white crystal clear finish; it glows from within. Details include a custom cast metal drop tassel pull, vertical scalloping, a beveled top edge, and arched apron. Leg and stretcher in cast metal with tarnished nickel finish.
W 62-11/16 x D 23-1/4 x H 30 in.

Galena Settee N4050.
What’s old is new again. A slim tufted salon piece that can be pulled up or moved for any occasion. Shown in a pale celadon microdenier ottoman weave; available in other fabrics and COM.
W 46 x D 27-1/2 x H 33-1/2 in.

Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Spring 2017.