Natural Balance

Organic Forms in Modern Design


Earth, air, fire and water. Elemental, organic forms take shape in modern representations, highlighting the balance between nature and man-made design. Earth is grounded in concrete, fire leaps from molten metals and lava stone, water sparkles along the curve of transparent shapes and air finds rhythm in open structure and breatheable forms. “There is a balance in these designs,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “The creativity and exceptional skill of our artisans is highlighted in each organic look. Wood is formed in metal and woven patterns take shape in concrete.”

Featured Pieces

Vignette  ~

Orchid Chair N2802O
Gleaming Bloom — A delicate bloom gently opens in cast metal as shape breathes life into art.
W 28 x D 31 x H 35 in.

Chiaro Desk 386-510
Open to Interpretation — Open, airy and elemental, this sleek modern desk combines minimalist styling with an unexpected medium.
W 56 x D 24 x H 30-1/4 in.

Silos ~ 

Ombré End Table 386-773 / 386-GL30
Faux bois cast alumimum finds rich depth in a subtle, graduated shading from dark to light.
W 30 x D 30 x H 30 in.

Nero Dining Table 386-223
A black oak frame supports a table top of cast lava stone in a striking combination of natural materials and structural harmony.
W 88-5/8 x D 39-1/2 x H 29-3/8 in.

Zaro Chairside Table 386-162
Natural wood takes shape in cast aluminum, combining rustic textural beauty with the cool gleam of smooth metal.
W 18 x D 15-1/2 x H 18-1/2 in.

Silvius Cocktail Table 386-017
A tree root pulled from an Indonesian forest served as the mold for this cast resin table, creating a dramatic base with the natural splendor of a complex organic form.
W 48 x D 48 x H 16-5/8 in.


Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Spring 2019.