Modern Cozy


The Danish lifestyle trend “hygge” has had a huge surge in popularity, with people searching for cozy looks and minimal fuss. Bernhardt’s new bedroom pieces showcase that snug styling, with sweater-knit details on an upholstered bed and bedside chest.

“Scandinavian design is a classic,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “But here we’ve taken that idea and given it a unique spin with a hand-crafted ‘knit’ bed and a sweater-patterned form in the bedside chest (see image sheet). It’s a clean-but-cozy look that has a huge visual impact, perfect for modern lifestyles.”

Featured Pieces

Stanhope Bed 382-H56/FR56
Taking its inspiration from fashion knits, wool is woven onto jute in a sweater pattern, wrapping the bed in a cozy warmth perfect for snuggling.
W 85 x D 90 x H 64-7/8 in.

Mansfield Bench N8090L
Currently available in Bernhardt Interiors.