Contemporary Organic

Artful Styles Designed to Ensure a Feeling of Tranquility

Channel your inner St. Barts with a new look introduced at Bernhardt today. This new direction boils contemporary leisure down to its essence. Each piece conveys a kind of laid-back luxury, an air of effortless refinement.

Shapes are elemental with near-abstract references to nature. New finishes and organic materials are super smooth and purpose-fully calm. One unique matte Chalky White resin finish is applied on a number of minimal faux bois metal frames.

“We think this look creates an oasis for the senses,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “It’s an aesthetic for people with an appreciation for restful tranquility, and an equally elegant fashion sense.”

Featured Pieces
Vignette 1 ~ 

Arbor Canopy Bed 375-H59/F59/R59.
Utterly peaceful — An abstract faux bois steel frame with an extremely smooth, matte, Chalky White resin finish. Tapered posts. The upholstered headboard and footboard panels are shown in white plain cloth, available in other fabrics and COM.
W 82-1/2 x D 87-1/4 x H 92 in.

Neal Ottoman N1900. 
Currently available in Bernhardt Interiors.

Parkin Drawer Chest 369-032. 
Currently available in Bernhardt Interiors.

Arbor End Table 375-121.
Unknowable nature — There’s something so familiar in the natural forked-branch faux bois base, and so otherworldly in the Chalky White matte finish. Cast resin over steel.
Dia. 26 x H 25 in.

Vignette 2 ~ 

Elton Desk 375-510.
Sublime working conditions — A spare and creative work desk. The top is composed of sandblasted oak with a near-black finish, and has a minimal gallery edge on three sides. The top is inset with white bonded leather. The base is steel with an organic Tarnished Nickel finish. Joints are wrapped in white bonded leather.
W 60 x D 28 x H 32in.

Silos ~ 

Arbor End Table 375-121.
Details in Vignette 1.
Dia. 26 x H 25 in.

Elton Desk 375-510.
Details in Vignette 2.
W 60 x D 28 x H 32in.

Colworth Dining Table 375-262/263.
Simplicity + sophistication — A modern minimal style. Built in a natural flat cut oak, sandblasted and powder glazed.
Dia. 60 x H 29-3/4 in.
This style is also available in a 54-inch diameter (375-261/263).


Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Fall 2017.