A rustic modern collection, Profile delivers a casual rustic feel through a unique mix of finishes and materials achieving a glamour not always associated with this category. It starts with figured walnut veneers in a lo-sheen, Warm Taupe finish and continues with a Tapestry Gold finish on paint, metal and mesh. These elements effortlessly deliver luxury, but in a smart, organic package perfect for today.

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A rustic modern collection with glamorous elements, Profile's unique mix of materials gives it a contemporary lean. The use of a highly figured, lo-sheen veneer completes the casual yet luxe feel of the collection.
With Profile, clean lines often merge with serpentine shapes, and many pieces have a two-tone effect with metal and wood. Gold painted parting rails, geometric shapes, mitred frames, and metal mesh offer additional artistic flourishes.
A warm Tapestry Gold finish is used on metal and painted accents and helps mute the shine and brightness in the collection. Travertine, gold paint, and metal mesh round out Profile's uncommon accents.
Hardware is minimal on Profile allowing the focus to be on the collection's one-of-a-kind materials and forms. However, one piece does include a handle in overlapping, sculptural metal plates in Tapestry Gold finish.
Wood & Finish
Veneer is figured flat-cut walnut the features crossfire, which is mottling or flash the occurs beneath the grain. The casual Warm Taupe finish is low-sheen with an open wood grain that emphasizes the natural color and character of the veneer. This finish pairs perfectly with the metala and stone in the collection.

Warm Taupe

Travertine Stone

Tapestry Gold Metal

Tapestry Gold Metal Mesh

Tapestry Gold Paint

The low-sheen wood finish and warm gold accents found in the Profile collection are best complemented by subtle brown and beige fabrics. These neutral, earthy tones only add to the collection's understated sophistication.